About Frank

Voice actor, comic book writer, published author and content creator .

Frank started using his voice as a radio DJ in Cleveland, OH in 1989. He changed to voice acting in 2009. His voice can be heard on many radio & TV commercials like Subway, Sheets Gas Station, Macy’s & The Kentucky Lottery just to name a few. Internet videos, explainer videos, TV station IDs, radio stations liners & bumpers, book trailers, movie trailers, and e-learning.

Listen to Frank’s voice on Disney Dark Secrets, 107 Facts about Pinky & The Brain and Then vs Now: My Little Pony on the Channel Frederator YouTube channel.

Frank created and wrote the Tercona book series. Curranty there are 3 illustrated novels and 6 comics in the series with more comics on the way. You can find out more about the characters, the books and the comics by going to the Tercona website: HERE

Frank has been going to comic cons, book stores and comic book stores since 2015 promoting his Tercona books. He’s been to Indianapolis, IN. Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton in OH and several cities in Michigan too. If you would like Frank to be a guest at your comic con, contact him today.

Frank has done several panels on voice acting at many of the comic cons he was invited to. His panel is different then most voice acting panels. It’s an introduction to the world of voice acting. What are the best mics to use, how to read copy and he gets people up from the audience to read a commercial! The panel usually runs between 45 – 50 minutes long. To book Frank at your next comic con and have him do a panel on voice acting contact him today.

As a content creator on TikTok, Frank has over 8,000 followers and is constantly growing. In 2021 he started off doing mostly cartoon reviews but he has recently expanded his reviews to include TV and movies too. From reviews to fun videos and a few trends mixed in. He recently added sponsored videos too. Rates can be for just 1 video or the price is lower when a set of 5 videos is purchased. His rate will go up once he hits 10,000 followers so act fast!

If you invite Frank to your comic con to do a panel on voice acting the TikTok promotions are included!

For a more in-depth look at how Frank got started in radio, his voice acting career, how the Tercona comics and his future as a writer click – HERE.