Tercona comics and novels

In this story we get to know a lot more about Maya Rose. First, before Britney goes to bed Maya communicates with her as she’s crushing on Tiffany. The next day Maya warns Paige and Britney their van is about to be carjacked. Maya is very powerful and can see a lot but she can’t see everything. It’s a big world. As Maya meditates with Britney they leave Paige to talk to a crazy old woman with a bizarre philosophy on life. There might be more to this old woman then meets the eye.

Tercona and Britney help stop an 80 year old woman named Madge from being robbed. When the fight is over Madge mistakes Tercona & Britney for being a couple. This doesn’t sit well with Britney. As the girls walk home, Britney opens up about her sexuality, her home life and how she doesn’t like being called a ‘side-kick’. She tells Paige that she needs more friends she can talk to because it’s hard for her to open up to just anyone. We soon find out why she shows so much anger, rage and anonymously when she fights.

The dangerous new villain Burmese is still on the loose. He continues to search the city for Tercona. Meanwhile, Britney figured out that if she fights him again she’ll fight him blindfolded so he won’t be able to mind control her. Is she ready to fight blind? Why does Burmese what Tercona? Is there something bigger at stake? Find out in this exciting new comic – Fighting Blind!

As Tercona and her sidekick – oops, sorry – her friend Britney are patrolling the streets of Bayville heights they encounter a new villain named Burmese. He’s 7 feet tall, 300 lbs and he’s after one thing, Tercona! They find out the hard way that he has the ability to mind control people. He forces Britney to fight Tercona! One question remains, is he working alone or does her work for someone?

When a local convenience store is robbed Tercona and her friend Britney are quickly on the scene to stop them. Britney is one tough girl but a teenage crime fighter is no match to her own mother who wants to keep her house clean. Fighting crime is a dirty job.

After a local barber shop is robber, Tercona and Britney return the money to the store only to be attacked by a sniper with a unique slime gun. Who is the new villain with a unique weapon? Who does he work for? Most importantly, will Britney ever dye her hair blue?

High school drama mixed with superhero thrill and action. First, the homecoming dance is coming up soon. Bryan only wants to ask one person, his crush but Tercona’s friends go missing after school. She finds them in an abandon amusement park. It becomes a cat and mouse game as Tercona springs every trap Trinity throws at them. Will Tercona catch Trinity or will she blend in with the crowd and get away easy?

After a few short weeks of being a superhero, Tercona found out the gig wasn’t just about stopping robbers and saving lives. She soon realized when you’re a superhero you have to fight supervillains. Dangerous ones like Dr. Q and her banana gun, a weapon that shoots out a beam of green light, doesn’t make a sound and sucks the energy out of everyone – including Tercona! Will Dr. Q use the banana gun on everyone just to get her way or will Tercona have the energy to stop her?

Tercona arrived on Earth in the early 1990’s. with her dad Nor-con and her brother Personis, escaping the clutches of her evil mother, Medea. Tercona and her mother are the only ones in her bloodline to have the “power” to create things. Their bodies age VERY slowly, 1 year for every 10 years on Earth. For over 20 years Tercona disguised herself (and the rest of her family) as typical Earth people and have been running and hiding, hoping Medea would not find them. By 2014 she was tied of running. At a moment when her family was in danger she became the superhero Tercona! Now she fights to protect her city – and the world – from evil.