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Newsletter #1

Coming soon – Frank’s first romance novel. It’s called The Taming Of April. If it was a movie it would be a rated R romantic comedy. (Not for kids!) However, it’s not a super spicy romance novel either. Read the blurb below to find out more.

Adam King must pick up the pieces from a hard breakup. He’s overweight, working as a farm hand and he knows his life doesn’t have a destination. As he slowly makes some changes to better his career goals and move forward with his dating life, he gets a haircut and encounters a hairdresser named April Bender. 

Adam slowly finds out that April has a bit of a wild streak. She enters wet t shirt contests, loves to skinny dip and has sex with men on the first date. 

Shocked and yet also thrilled by April’s erotic zest for life Adam realizes she doesn’t need a boyfriend; she needs a true friend. April is tormented by the demons of her past. Bad breakups, being raised by a single biker mom who loves to party and having to many sexual partners before the age of 25, April has a very tough time letting go of her care-free promiscuous lifestyle. When her sexual outlook on life finally catches up with her, she realizes she must also make changes to better herself but is it too late? April fears she might lose the only man that has ever truly treated her with respect and dignity. 

Entertaining, funny, deeply moving, with a just a pinch of sensual erotic fun The Taming of April is romantic comedy story of how a man who was once a cowboy uses his skills to tame a wild woman.