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Newsletter #10

My Kickstarter for The Taming Of April has FAILED!

Ok…truth be told, with only 6 days left I canceled it. I canceled it because I only had $350 (which is only about a 1/4 of the way to my goal.) and I knew that I would never in a million years be able to get the rest of the funding ($650) in only 6 days!

For the record, the book was going to be published in June of this year but I listened to everyone’s advice and put the book on the Kickstarter instead to make the backers feel special that they go it first. But now that the Kickstarter has failed, I’m kicking myself for not having copies of the book to sell at comic cons this year.

My plan now is to publish this book in March of 2023 and make it available for the first time at my first comic con in 2023, Fan Expo Cleveland.

Thank you to everyone who funded the Kickstarter and helped me out. Even though it failed, I really appreciate what you did. Thanks!

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Newsletter #7

My Kickstarter for my book The Taming Of April is NOW LIVE!

To back the Kickstarter for The Taming Of April click on the picture that says – KICKSTARTER LIVE.

There are 2 different covers for this book. One is the regular cover the other is the special cover ONLY found on Kickstarter. You can even get a book with pictures in it as well.

There are 2 different covers for this book. Below is the regular cover. This cover will eventually make its way to Amazon and bookstores.

This cover was made by my Tercona artist Ujval Purabiya.

An artist named Robert Torices did this cover. This cover is ONLY available on Kickstarter!

Again, to back the Kickstarter for The Taming Of April all you have to do is CLICK on the picture that says – Kickstarter LIVE!

If you can’t fund the Kickstarter, please share the link, and maybe one of your friends might be able to help.

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Newletter #5

The Kickstarter for my NEW romance novel called The Taming Of April is now in the pre-launch phase! (click the picture!)

Adam King must pick up the pieces from a hard breakup. He’s overweight, working as a farm hand and he knows his life doesn’t have a destination. As he slowly makes some changes to better his career goals and move forward with his dating life, he gets a haircut and encounters a hairdresser named April Bender.

Adam slowly finds out that April has a bit of a wild streak. She enters wet t-shirt contests, loves to skinny dip, and has sex with men on the first date.

Shocked and yet also thrilled by April’s erotic zest for life Adam realizes she doesn’t need a boyfriend; she needs a true friend. April is tormented by the demons of her past. Bad breakups, being raised by a single biker mom who loves to party, and having too many sexual partners before the age of 25. She has a very tough time letting go of her carefree promiscuous lifestyle. When her sexual outlook on life finally catches up with her, she realizes she must also make changes to better herself but is it too late? April fears she might lose the only man that has ever truly treated her with respect and dignity.

Entertaining, funny, and deeply moving, with just a pinch of sensual erotic fun The Taming of April is a romantic comedy story of how a man who was once a cowboy uses his skills to tame a wild woman.

The Taming Of April is a romance novel. If it was a movie it would be a rated R romantic comedy. Not Young Adult (not for kids) but it’s also not a spicy sexy romance novel either.

There will be a special variant cover that is ONLY available on Kickstarter. This special cover will have pictures inside the book.

The Kickstarter campaign launches on September 5th. I’m hoping to get 100 followers before then. 

PLEASE follow my Kickstarter for The Taming Of April by clicking on the picture above!

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Newletter #3

My Kickstarter pre-launch is off to a slow start but it’s coming along! As of today 7 / 8 / 2022 I have 11 followers. I’m really hoping to hit 100 followers by the time I launch the campaign in September. PLEASE click on the picture below to follow my Kickstarter for The Taming Of April!

Now for something fun…here are a few memes I made to help make this Kickstarter more eye catching. As if April’s mouth firmly planted on a sucker, her tight bikini bottom, her big boobs and her body covered in cooking oil isn’t eye catching enough already! lol

Look for these memes all over my socuial media.